Evolution of Earth
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Work, Energy, & Environment
Global Warming vs. Ozone Depletion


Note: The following two articles will be discussed in class on January 27 as group presentations. Everyone does this assignment and hands in as group work. For each reading, one group volunteers to present the group answer in class.

  • Chapter 1 and excerpts from : Coevolution of Climate and life by Stephen Schneider and Randi Londer (Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1984)
  • "Fate of Life in the Universe", Lawrence M. Krauss and Glenn P. Starkman, Scientific American, November 1999


  1. Give an outline of the chapter as a list of important points as they relate to our understanding of the evolution of earth's climate and life.

  2. For the two readings make concept maps or other representations that represent the key idea of the articles. (Inspiration Software to help you draw concept maps is available in the Cyert cluster.) For example, you might want to see if you can map most of the ideas from the "Climate and Life" chapter using an enlarged version of Figure 1.1 and indexing beside it the various salient facts and events instead of drawing a concept map.

  3. Make a list of concepts that you need to understand and questions that you need to ask in order to understand the readings fully.
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