gamma rays - the region of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum from about 10-5 to 10-1 nm in wavelength; smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. (more)

global climate change - the hypothesis that the known increase in greenhouse gas concentrations has led and will continue to lead to changes in the Earth's climate; also known as "global warming."

gravitational force - force exerted by a body as a result of its mass.

greenhouse effect - the process of incoming short-wave solar radiation being absorbed by the surface of the Earth and re-emitted as longer-wavelength radiation, which is then absorbed, retained, and re-radiated by certain gases in the atmosphere. The net result is a "warm blanket" around the Earth that prevents sudden cooling and heating effects each time the face of the Earth rotates away from or towards the sun. (more)

greenhouse gases - gases in the atmosphere which absorb, retain, and re-radiate energy in the infrared region. (more)

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