Women's Environment and Development Organization - "WEDO is an international advocacy network that seeks to increase the power of women worldwide as policymakers in governance and in policymaking institutions, forums and processes, at all levels, to achieve economic and social justice, a peaceful and healthy planet and human rights for all. (WOMEN)

Committee on the Environment, Boston Society of Architects - Architects interested in creating an environmentally sustainable built environment. (GREEN DESIGN)

The Green Roundtable - A nonprofit organization for building professionals and others interested in learning about healthy, environmentally sustainable buildings. (GREEN DESIGN)

Hickory Consortium - A Department of Energy Building America Consortium creating market-based models for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly housing. , (GREEN DESIGN)

Healthy House Network - National nonprofit organization advocating for safer, ecologically superior building materials. (GREEN DESIGN)

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association - Leading regional association promoting understanding and use of non-polluting, renewable energy technologies. Hosts annual Tour de Sol of energy-friendly buildings. (GREEN DESIGN)

U.S. Green Building Council - The leading national organization for green building. (GREEN DESIGN)

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